Register for AdScape

Registration Deadline – October 11th, 2018

General Information

Limited Slots Available

AdScape has a limited amount of slots per school. Students are accepted on first come first served basis, until the school has reached its allotted slots. Chaperones do not count against the schools slot allotment, but we ask that schools adhere to the 1/10 chaperone to student ratio. If your school system requires more chaperones per student, please contact us at

Participating Schools

Registration applications must be from participating schools, all other applications will be rejected. If you are unsure whether or not your school participates in AdScape, or you would like your school to participate, please contact us at

How to Register

Students Instructions (online registration)

  1. Fill out the online registration form
  2. Print the completed registration form (from the pdf that is created when you click the submit button)
  3. Get completed printed registration form signed by your parent or guardian
  4. Return signed registration form to your teacher who will then forward it to AdScape

Prepare a personal Elevator Pitch and be ready to talk about yourself!

An elevator pitch is a great networking tool that is a succinct and persuasive sales pitch that sparks interest about you and what you do. It takes about 30-second to deliver, the amount of time you would have while riding with someone on an elevator. Your elevator pitch should tell about your skills and interests and what makes you unique. Start by grabbing the listener’s attention with a strong statement; show your creativity and energy you may tell us why you’re interested in learning about advertising. Be ready to deliver your pitch if called upon during the event! Your elevator pitch should be submitted along with your completed registration application.

Student Instructions (paper copy registration)

If you do not have access to a computer, ask your teacher to print out the paper copy of the registrations form. Complete the form and make sure you have your parent or guardian sign it before returning it to your teacher along with your Elevator Pitch.

Principals and Teacher Instructions

If you have students who do not have access to a computer, please use the Printable Registration Application and send it home with the student to be completed and signed by their parent or guardian. The deadline for printed registration forms is October 11, 2018.

As an alternative, teachers may register students online using the Electronic Registration Form and print the completed form (from the pdf that is created when you click the submit button) for students to take home and get signed. The deadline for electronic registration is October 11, 2018.


Fill out the Electronic Registration Form and select Chaperone in the grade level field to remove unnecessary fields.

Registration Links

Online Electronic Registration application — *Preferred Method – Registration deadline 10/11/2018.

Non-electronic registration application deadline 10/11/2018

Registration Application — Registration Ends 10/11/2018

Registration Application RCPS — Registration Ends 10/11/2018