About DAP

An AAF Roanoke Committee

DAP (Discovering Advertising Protégés) is a local affiliate of the Roanoke Chapter of the AAF (American Advertising Federation) created specifically to promote inclusion and support of diversity within the advertising industry targeting multicultural high school students. The DAP committee channeled efforts into one over-arching project: AdScape, an unforgettable educational and motivational day-long program funded through the support of generous sponsorships – offering advanced training in advertising to high school students interested in graphic design, media, and marketing. This program is designed to cultivate advertising talent at the high school level and encourage students to view advertising as a viable career choice by providing professional guidance, leadership, and networking opportunities enhancing students’ understanding of marketing communication.

Our Mission

DAP will develop projects and programs designed to elevate the practice and presence of multiculturalism through professional development, promotion, and inclusion, with a focus on recruiting and mentoring multicultural high school and college students for future success in the industry.

2018 DAP Committee

Jamal Millner
AAF Roanoke Diversity Chair

Leigh Anne Kelley
Higher Education Outreach

Katherin Elam
School System Outreach

Matt Brown

Nakia Shelton

Raki Wright
Website and Social Media Communication

Jazmine Burnette

Tony Segovia

Lynn Donnary