Presentation Guidelines

We are very grateful you have chosen to be a part of AdScape and to share your valuable knowledge and time. The Presenter Guidelines are established to help provide an engaging workshop and rewarding experience for participating students, and to ensure they leave with a firm understanding of your particular segment of the industry.

Ad Scape Speaker/Presenter Guidelines

45 Minute sessions require preparation from all presenters.

  • Plan on an average of 15 students in your session
  • Remember your audience is high school juniors and seniors
  • Ask that all devices be put away unless they are needed in your session
  • Don’t assume students are familiar with your profession’s jargon and avoid it if at all possible. Clearly explain it if necessary.
  • Provide a list of terms that will be used most often in your career
  • Make certain you have clear instructions posted on the board or at their work stations
  • Project your voice during presentation
  • Move around the room to engage all students
  • Be certain to have interaction and provide hands-on experiences
  • Giveaways or tokens are exciting if you have an item that will reinforce the content of your session
  • Allow five minutes at the conclusion of your session for students to send out positive comments on their phones